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ऑफिस की नौकरी में आप अपनी आंखों का ख्याल कैसे रखते हैं?

How to protect your eyes at work.

दृष्टि यदि सबसे महत्वपूर्ण नहीं तो, इन्द्रियों में से एक है। लेकिन आपका कार्यस्थल आपकी दृष्टि को खतरे में डाल सकता है। जबकि अपना स्वयं का परिष्कृत और वातानुकूलित केबिन रखने और अपने लैपटॉप के साथ काम करने का विचार, इधर- उधर जाने के बिना, कई लोगों के लिए एकदम सही लग सकता है, स्क्रीन […]

Why should we take care of our eyes? How should we do it?

Importance of the good eyecare

Health care does not only involve taking care of your BP, Blood Sugar, Physical traits etc. Rather, eye care is also the most important constituent of it.  In this post, we shall make you acquainted with some of the reasons why you should take care of your eyes. The following information is the most useful […]

हर साल गर्मियों में आने वाले आई फ्लू का क्या कारण हो सकता है ?

आई फ्लू से बचने के कुछ उपाय।

मई से जुलाई तक के महीने सबसे गर्म होते है, इसलिए गर्मी की लहरें एक आम समस्या है, जो कई लोगों को प्रभावित करती है और विभिन्न स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं का कारण बनती है। गर्मी के चरम महीनों के दौरान अत्यधिक गर्मी, परागण, प्रदूषण, हानिकारक यूवी किरणें आदि, जिनके संपर्क में हम सभी आते है, हमारे […]

Try These 7 Easy Tips to Improve Your Eye Health


Maintaining the health of our eyes is essential for clear vision and a long and happy life. Our eyes are sensitive organs that require maintenance to serve as a window to the outer world.  In the present time, where screens are a part of everyday life and environmental factors create a danger to our vision, […]

Why should you undergo LASIK surgery? Is there any eligibility criteria?

Children And Undiagnosed Vision Problems

As far as vision correction or refractive error correction surgery is concerned, LASIK surgery is supposed to present a better outcome. This Is the main reason that people opt for LASIK surgery without fear. But the best eye hospital in Ludhiana which you are choosing to take up the surgery matters a lot. The Best […]

LASIK प्रक्रिया किस तरह पूर्ण की जाती है? इस सर्जरी को करवाने में कितना खर्चा आता है?

What Are Autoimmune Diseases and How Do They Affect Your Eyesight?

LASIK सर्जरी क्या है? यदि आपको दूर की या पास की चीज़ों को देखने के लिए चश्मे या लेंस (Lens) का प्रयोग करना पड़ता है, तो आप LASIK सर्जरी के लिए एक योग्य (eligible) उमीदवार है| इस सर्जरी की सहायता से आपको दूर या पास की चीज़ों को देखने के लिए चश्मे या लेंस का […]

How should you get prepared for an initial consultation with the eye doctor?

What is the definition of Glaucoma?

You should not be interfering with the schedule of seeing an ophthalmologist. We have encountered many cases in which people think that if there is nothing wrong with their vision, then they should not be visiting an eye hospital in Ludhiana for consultation. But according to the eye specialist, “ Eye exams are not only […]

Link between Smoking and Eye Health

What is the definition of Glaucoma?

Smoking has been known to cause heart disease or lung cancer, but it also leads to various eye conditions. The smoke, while smoking, is composed of around 4,000 active compounds, most of them toxic on either acute or long-term exposure. Many are also poisonous to ocular tissues, affecting the eye mainly through ischemic or oxidative […]

5 Kinds Of The Eye Treatment Approaches That You Should Be Knowing 

Cataract Surgery in Punjab

There are many approaches to treat variegated kinds of eye problems. The type of approach which has to be chosen depends upon the various factors that are contributing to the aggravation of the particular eye problem. A best eye specialist in Punjab follows the surgical approach to treat the problem of cataracts and glaucoma. The […]

Which Factors To Consider While Choosing The Eye Hospital For A Check Up? 

Say Bye To Your Contact Lenses And Glasses

People nowadays are conscious about the eye conditions, so on that account, they want to get their check-up done from the reputed and the best eye hospital in Punjab. But they are unable to find the one since they do not have the knowledge about which factors to consider if the best eye specialist in […]