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    Diabetes Retinopathy Treatment Cost in Ludhiana


    The blood vessels present in our eyes are valuable in our vision. If they get affected due to problems like diabetes, it can hamper our ability to see clearly. This problem can also create leakage from these vessels and cut short blood supply to the eyes, thus causing diabetic retinopathy. In this article, we will shed light on the indications of this problem, Its types, the kind of people who are at risk, and the ways to tackle it effectively.

    People Who Are At High Risk

    Individuals suffering from high blood sugar and have a family history of such illnesses will have higher chances. If they are bothered with diabetes and have uncontrolled blood sugar levels, their chances are much higher. Another thing that we need to keep in mind about this issue is that the soft retinal tissues present in the eyes also get damaged.
    It is highly important for people to opt for diabetic retinopathy treatment in Ludhiana, which can be beneficial for many individuals suffering from diabetes and eyesight weakness. To lower this risk, you need to undergo regular check-ups with the best diabetic retinopathy treatment doctor in Punjab, who will help you out in this struggle.

    Signs and Symptoms

    Given below are the things that signify the presence and progress of diabetic retinopathy:

    • Experiencing floaters in your vision.
    • Fluctuating or Blurry eyesight
    • Dark or vacant regions in your eyesight
    • Temporary loss of eyesight


    The high blood pressure inside the body can obstruct the blood vessels present in the eyes that progress in the retina and cut the blood supply. With time, eyes attempt to recreate such vessels, but they are not properly formed, thus causing leakage.

    Types of Diabetic Retinopathy

    There are two kinds of diabetic retinopathy in the following:

    Early Diabetic Retinopathy

    In this stage, the blood vessels neither grow nor leak, thus giving it the name non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

    Advanced Diabetic Retinopathy

    It is also known as proliferative diabetic retinopathy, as the newly-formed blood vessels in the eyes get damaged and start leaking.

    Risk Factors

    Diabetes itself is a big influential factor in this issue. Apart from that, there are some other elements that can obstruct the blood vessels present in your eyes, given below:

    • If you have diabetes for a long time.
    • Fluctuating blood sugar levels.
    • High blood pressure or cholesterol.
    • Diabetes during pregnancy.
    • Usage of tobacco.
    • Obesity.
    • Family History of diabetic issues.


    There are consequences that can happen if abnormal vessel formation in the eyes is not treated on time. These complications are: Retinal detachment Vitreous Damage Glaucoma Blindness


    If you are suffering from issues like high blood pressure and sugar levels for a long while, regular checkup is really important. Through that, you can detect the early symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and save yourself from the complications, which can also lead to eyesight loss. If neglected, you are at high risk of blindness. For the best treatment and care for such issues, come to us and explore the best ways to rejuvenate yourself from eyesight issues to see with utmost clarity without any glasses.