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    Dr Sumeet Chopra Provides Insights About Eye Health And Importance Of Eye Checkup

    In this video, Dr Sumeet Chopra explains the different types of eye diseases that can be life-threatening and why regular eye checkups are important. Listen to the video till the end to learn about different eye diseases, how they develop and how you can prevent yourself from these serious eye problems. 

    Dr Sumeet Chopra talks about some problems, such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high Cholesterol and how they affect our eyes. High sugar or Diabetes can cause diabetic retinopathy, which is a serious eye problem. Blood pressure is another leading cause of eye problems and can lead to hypertensive retinopathy, which damages the tissue layer behind the retina. 

    High levels of Cholesterol in the eyes can be extremely harmful. If you have this problem, you can experience Xanthelasma, which causes yellow growth (cholesterol deposits) in your eyelids. Another sign of high Cholesterol is Arcus Juvenilis, which can be detected by physical exam or blood test. 

    Other eye diseases can be caused due to blood-related problems such as anaemia, which is a low blood level. Leukaemia, a type of blood cancer, and problems like jaundice and HIV AIDS can cause serious harm to the eyes. 

    In addition, there are certain chest-related problems, such as TB (Tuberculosis) and sarcoidosis (which causes swelling in the eye lens). Furthermore, brain tumours can cause swelling in the optic disc, called Papilledema, and Optic Atrophy, which causes inflammation in the optic nerve. 

    Multiple sclerosis is a type of nerve disease that is dangerous for eyes and vision. Besides this, high amounts of copper or copper imbalance can also be harmful to the eyes. Lack of vitamin A deficiency can cause spots in the eyes. In all these cases, it is crucial to consult an eye specialist. Dr Sumeet Chopra explains why it is essential to go for regular checkups. He emphasises that most of these eye problems mentioned may not cause any symptoms and can go undetected if you do not get an eye checkup. Early detection can help improve the condition and prevent it from exacerbating. Thus, visit the best eye hospital – Chopra Nethralaya- to improve your eye health.