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    The Cataract Surgery in Punjab is one step ahead of the normal treatment. Traditionally, this doesn’t come under laser surgery, but here at Chopra Nethralaya, you will find a safe and secure treatment to achieve crystal-clear eyesight. On average, the non-invasive Cataract Surgery cost in Punjab has become quite affordable for many patients who want to retain a better vision.

    Best Ways To Take Care of Your Eyes

    The only solution to cure cataracts is surgery. Undoubtedly, the traditional procedure takes a lot of time. It was painful, and many people feared opting for this procedure. However, with modern advancements in technology, many things have improved and become safer to perform.
    These advancements also help in quicker recovery and healing. The deep cut to make into the eye has been made easier with the special laser pulses. This is the process that needs to be short, minimal and have zero risk of infections. Luckily, the medical sciences have fulfilled our wishes and have offered us the boons that will make our lives easy and treatments faster and easier for better results.

    Why There Is No Use Of Blade?

    With this surgery, there is no need to make incisions in the eyes to treat cataracts. It uses special lasers that make the incisions and break the opaque lens formed by cataracts in a few minutes.

    The Procedure

    During this treatment, the laser beam is used to penetrate into the eye of the cornea and take out the blurry lens through an artificial lens called intraocular lens. Before starting with the corneal incision, the doctor will perform the Optical Coherence Tomography to map and measure the retina’s thickness.
    The High-Resolution cross-sectional images through OCT assist the surgeon in making accurate precision. The laser beam will pass through the cut and will remove the cataract. The IOL will replace the cloudy lens, thus restoring the vision. Through laser treatments, you can also correct the refractive errors present in your eyes.

    Benefits of the Femtolaser Technique

    Higher Precision: It provides the best accuracy and safety to achieve the outcomes for a perfect vision. It has brought changes and enhancements to the way ophthalmologists are treating the patients.

    Non-Invasive Technology: this treatment doesn’t involve blades or knives. The advancements make it more precise and safer than traditional surgeries that involve a knife.

    Vision improvement: This technology addresses cataracts without addressing the cylindrical power due to the abnormal curvature of the cornea.

    Safer approach: The safety offered by this procedure reduces human errors as the lasers control everything. The chances of infection are lower effectively. 

    How is Femtosecond Laser Done

    With this technology, the Patient Interface is used to design the contact lenses. Doctors can see live pictures on the PI, which makes it easy to make precise incisions.

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    Trusted and experienced ophthalmologists Advanced technologies and facilities to ensure the best results Result-oriented treatment and care Come to us and experience the finest cure for your eyes and find relief from cataracts.