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    This is a medicine used to treat wet-age related macular degeneration(AMD). It is also helpful in treating diabetic eye diseases and other problems in the retina.
    Ophthalmologists inject this drug in the eye to slow the progress of vision loss from these diseases and certain issues. Eylea is the name of the brand of the drug called aflibercept.
    It blocks the formation of abnormal blood vessels in the your eye’s backside, which causes leak and affect our vision, causing eyesight loss from wet AMD and diabetic eye disease.

    Benefits of Eylea Disease

    • Effective in retinal problems: Eylea has proven its effectiveness in treating many retinal conditions such as AMD, diabetic macular edema, edema after retinal vein occlusion, and diabetic retinopathy.
    • Vision enhancement: Eylea reduces the flow of vascular endothelial growth factor, a protein responsible for the growth of abnormal blood vessels and contributes to retinal leakage. But curbing these effects, this drug can prevent vision loss in patients and improve it manifold.
    • Reduced Injection Intake: As compared to other anti-VEGF treatments, Eylea requires only a few injections over the time and maintains the efficacy. The extended intervals of dosage will lower treatment burdens for the patients.
    • Retinal health maintenance: this treatment helps to stabilise your retinal health and keep it maintained by lowering the edema and curbing the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the retina, which are common in many diseases related to it.
    • Long-Lasting Results: This drug has a much longer duration of action as compared to other treatments. It also enhances the interval time between the treatments.
    • Enhanced Safety: Eylea has only caused minor and temporary side effects on the patients and has cleared trials of many standard committees. Some of these effects are for a short while. 


    The procedure of Eylea Treatment in Punjab is given below:

    • Consultation and Evaluation: You need to consult the best Ophthalmologist in Punjab, who will help perform eye examination to diagnose your retinal condition and determine the requirement of Eylea injections.
    • Injection preparation: On the day of injection, you may receive eye drops which will dilate your pupil and numb your eye surface to lower the discomfort while undergoing the procedure.
    • Intravitreal Injection: It is injected in a sterile environment. Firstly, the eye is cleaned and the surgeon places a sterile drape on your face. He will use a small needle to inject the medication in the vitreous gel of your eyes. It is relatively rapid and due to drops, it is also painless.
    • Post-treatment Care: After the injection, your eye may get sensitive and slightly irritated. There will also be mild discomfort and you will also see floaters temporarily. To counter this, the ophthalmologist will provide the instructions to use the eye drops or any post injection care measures.

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