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    Children And Undiagnosed Vision Problems

    Why should you undergo LASIK surgery? Is there any eligibility criteria?

    As far as vision correction or refractive error correction surgery is concerned, LASIK surgery is supposed to present a better outcome. This Is the main reason that people opt for LASIK surgery without fear. But the best eye hospital in Ludhiana which you are choosing to take up the surgery matters a lot. The Best eye specialist in Ludhiana said in one of his interviews that the people who trusted LASIK surgery never got disappointed with the results or outcomes.

    Do you know? 

    Many people think that if the LASIK surgery comes with effective results, then it might be costly. But it is not so. The result-oriented procedure need not always be expensive. 

    Is there any eligibility criteria that decides whether you are a great candidate for the LASIK surgery or not? 

    There is surely an eligibility criterion that is thoroughly dominated by the series of tests that decides whether you are eligible for undergoing the procedure or not. 

    Do you know? 

    Earlier there was a hard and fast criterion as far as age is concerned. But with the passage in time, the age factor in the eligibility criteria did not matter a lot.  

    But there are surely other factors that matter a lot and contribute to dominating the results of the procedure.

    So let us discuss  a bit about the age criteria 

    As per US FDA 

    If we particularly talk about the US FDA, then it has approved the taking up of the procedure by people who are above 18 years of age. This age criterion is being followed by almost all the countries. 

    Why after 18 only? 

    It is because the prescription usually does not change once the patient is 18 years old or above. So undergoing LASIK surgery fear the particular age is worth and result oriented. 

    Do you know?

    Here we are going to tell you one more credential which affects your eligibility for undergoing the LASIK Surgery: 

    If you do not have a stable prescription for at least one year, then you will not be allowed to take up the surgery. Because, by doing so, you may end up worsening the condition of your eyes. 

    At what age do the physiology along with the functioning of the eye experience a change?

    When you reach 40 years of age, then not only the physiology but the functioning of the eyes also gets affected. This condition is usually known as presbyopia.

    Do you know?

    LASIK Surgery is not offered to people who are suffering from presbyopia.

    What is meant by MonoVision LASIK? 

    The Monovision LASIK is the procedure that aims at treating one eye for distance and the other eye for near vision. With this surgical procedure, the patients usually feel relaxed in getting treated with various eye problems.

    Bottom Line 

    There is quintessential information on this topic. If you want to read more such informative blogs, then please let us know. We shall publish our upcoming blogs on this topic.