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    Best approaches to treat eye problems

    Which surgical procedures help to relieve the various problems of the eyes?

    There are so many ways with which vision problems can be corrected. The minor problems which are not at all serious can be treated with less invasive or minimally invasive methods. According to the best eye specialist in Ludhiana practising in the best eye hospital in Ludhiana, “ Surgical procedures can correct the problems like cataracts and glaucoma.” There are other kinds of surgical procedures as well which may help you to see without glasses and lenses. The mention of a few of such procedures is as follow:


    The LASIK procedure is the laser-assisted way with which you can make your vision better without requiring you to wear contact lenses and glasses. LASIK is the most common type of refractive surgery. This procedure is accountable for fixing the problems which are causing a hindrance for your eyes to see clearly.  This procedure uses a laser with the help of which the tissue which is present under the cornea is removed. With this, the cornea is reshaped. It is an outpatient procedure which means you need not stay in the hospital once the surgery has been carried out.


    The full form of PRK is photorefractive keratectomy. This is also a refractive surgery just like the LASIK surgery. And as the LASIK procedure, PRK also corrects the following problems of the eyes:

    • Long Sightedness
    • Shortsightedness
    • Astigmatism

    If the technique to correct the vision is concerned, then it is different from what is carried out in the LASIK Procedure. It does not involve the creation of the flap in the cornea before the surface is reshaped. There is some ophthalmologist who prefers PRK to LASIK, as it merely takes 10 minutes to get completed.

    Now we are going to mention some of the surgical procedures which are recognized to treat the various diseases of the eyes.

    Cataract surgery

    Cataracts are the cloudy portions that develop over the lens and make it cloudy. This makes your vision extremely blurry and dull. The emergence of cataracts with age is a common phenomenon. In cataract surgery, the predominant aim of the surgeon is to replace the cloudy lens with the artificial one.

    Glaucoma Surgery

    This condition should not be allowed to get aggravated. If you let it progress, then it may lead to permanent vision loss. There are two kinds of surgeries that are supposed to treat glaucoma by reducing pressure on the eyes.

    Diabetic retinopathy

    Diabetic retinopathy can cause various vision problems if your blood sugar and blood pressure do not get controlled. This condition affects your eyes in the worst possible way. This is why it is suggested to take up the surgical approach to get it treated.

    Macular degeneration Surgery

    The macula is that area of your eye that helps you to see the details. With the progression in age, his macula gets broken down. This is known as ARMD (Age-related macular degeneration). The surgical treatment approach aims at burning undesirable blood vessels for the prevention of bleeding.