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    What is cataract surgery?

    What is cataract surgery?

    Cataract surgery refers to the swift and pain-free removal of a cloudy lens that results in vision problems. The cloudy lens is excised and replaced with an intraocular lens that is responsible for correcting nearsightedness as well as farsightedness. The surgery at an eye hospital in ludhiana is only required if it causes trouble in your day-to-day life. 

    Why is cataract surgery required?

    Cataract surgery in Punjab is an eye surgery that is done to enhance your vision power by removing a cataract which is a cloudy lens in your eye. . Just like a camera, your eye also has a lens that is composed of a high percentage of water and protein. The formation of cataracts causes the protein of the lens to break down naturally. There are several causes of cataracts. One of the most common causes is ageing; other than this, it can also be caused due to certain medical conditions and intake of medications, Injuries, as well as previous eye surgeries. 

    The light does not get to pass through the lens due to cataracts, which results in symptoms like blurry vision, double vision, or halos around bright lights. With a cataract surgery at an eye hospital in ludhiana, an artificial lens is used with the removal of the cataract lens. Cataract surgery in Punjab is performed by an ophthalmologist who helps you choose the type of intraocular lens that suits you the best. 

    IOL implantation is part of most of the cataract surgeries in an eye hospital in Ludhiana. IOLs ensure an improved vision as they are clear and allow the light to pass through the lens as it should. IOLs offer focusing power for both nearsightedness as well as farsightedness. 

    In some cases, specialty IOLs in order to treat astigmatism and presbyopia may also be recommended by your doctor as they may help you depend less on glasses and contact lenses post-cataract surgery. 

    Till now, cataract surgery in Punjab is the only proven method that is used for adults to treat cataracts, and the surgery is for most people does not cause any complications and helps to regain vision. 

    Is cataract surgery painful?

    In most cases, people do not feel any pain or discomfort after the surgery. During the surgery, you receive a topical anaesthetic in order to numb your eye. The eyes might feel gritty or a little tender post-surgery, but with the help of over-the-counter pain relief medication, it can be treated. 

    Who requires cataract surgery?

    You may require cataract surgery if the cataract is causing vision problems in either or both of your eyes. Surgery may also be recommended by the doctors in case they need to check the back of the eye to manage other eye conditions. Such as:

    • Age-related macular degeneration
    • Diabetes-related retinopathy

    It is important to note that cataract surgery does not help in improving vision loss that is caused by these conditions as it is only responsible for enhancing vision power that was lost due to cataracts. 

    How to decide the right time for cataract surgery?

    The condition of a cataract is not a medical emergency; therefore, if you identify that you have cataracts, there is no need to panic and rush to the doctor for treatment. You can wait for the time that suits you to get the surgery. However, when you notice symptoms of cataracts, a new prescription of contacts or glasses may help. 

    Although there is no need to rush, it does not mean that you ignore the condition for a long time as it can get worse if not treated and cause problems to complete your everyday task. Therefore, talking with your surgeon can give you an idea of the best time suitable for cataract surgery.