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    What Are Autoimmune Diseases and How Do They Affect Your Eyesight?

    What Are Autoimmune Diseases and How Do They Affect Your Eyesight?

    Given our current lifestyle and dependence on devices such as smartphones and laptops, our eyes are strained the most. In addition, you can exacerbate the issue if you do not eat a healthy and nutrition-rich diet. As a result, you can be affected by problems such as myopia or blurry vision. In such cases, you should consult an eye specialist for LASIK eye surgery in Ludhiana. Another reason that can affect the eyes is other underlying health issues or diseases, such as autoimmune diseases. In this blog, we will understand what an autoimmune disease is and which of these diseases affects your eyesight. So, let us get into the topic right away.

    What Is Autoimmune Disease?

    The body’s immune system is capable enough to distinguish between the body’s healthy cells and foreign cells. But if you are suffering from autoimmune diseases, your immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells of the body. It does this by releasing a protein called autoantibodies. Some autoimmune diseases can affect a single organ, whereas some can affect the whole body, including the eyes. 

    Many autoimmune diseases affect the eyes, including lupus, diabetes, thyroid disease, Multiple Sclerosis, uveitis, psoriasis, and more. If you notice any symptoms affecting your eyes, you must visit the best eye hospital in Ludhiana and get examined to prevent any risks and complications.

    How Does It Affect Your Eye Vision?

    The body is connected, and the immune system helps the whole body function properly. If you develop an autoimmune disease, then depending on its type, it is likely to affect other organs, including the eyes. When the immune cells destroy the healthy cells and cause inflammation and swelling around the eyes, it can make it difficult for you to see things clearly, causing pain and redness in the eyes. Different diseases affect the eyes differently, and if you experience any symptoms, you must consult an eye specialist and get it treated on time.

    Autoimmune Diseases That Affects The Eyes

    • Lupus – It is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects the multiple organs and parts of the body. These include joints, skin, kidneys, brain, heart, blood cells and lungs. The inflammation caused by lupus can damage the nerves that control eye movements, inflame the eyeball’s outer layer and change the skin’s colour around the eyelids.
    • Diabetes is a disease that hampers the usual way the body turns food into energy. In this condition, the body is either not able to produce insulin or is unable to utilize this insulin effectively. Diabetes, when not regulated, can affect other parts of the body, including the eyes. It causes swelling in the eye lens. Further, it can affect the shape of the eye lens, causing blurred vision. If you have diabetes, you should consult or visit the best eye hospital in Ludhiana for regular checkups.
    • Multiple Sclerosis is another autoimmune disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. In this, the immune cells mistakenly damage the protective covering of the nerves. One of its common symptoms is inflammation of the optic nerve. It affects the eyes and can cause colour loss, pain with eye movement and vision loss.
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that mainly affects the joints of the hands and feet. It involves the lining of the joints and causes swelling. Also, it attacks other organs in severe cases. It also affects the eye and causes the sclera to dry. It can damage the cornea if you do not treat it on time. Hence, you should consult the best eye hospital in Ludhiana and get suitable treatment in time.
    • Psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis – It is a chronic disease. In this disease, the immune system becomes overactive. This causes the skin cells to build quickly, and as a result, it causes scaly and itchy patches and redness on the skin. Psoriatic arthritis is also a skin rash that affects the skin, nails and joints. Some psoriasis can cause inflammation of the eyelid and also eye conditions such as conjunctivitis. 
    • Uveitis – It is an inflammatory disease that causes inflammation of the uvea, which is the eye’s middle layer. It can happen in one or both eyes and includes symptoms such as pain, redness in the eyes, and blurred vision. If not treated on time, it can cause vision loss. Hence, immediately visit the best eye hospital in Ludhiana if you notice any symptoms.

    Can You Prevent Or Cure Autoimmune Diseases?

    Autoimmune diseases can happen to anyone, and unfortunately, they cannot be cured. However, with proper medical care and assistance, the symptoms can be managed and help you alleviate the suffering. People who suffer from autoimmune diseases can live their lives to the fullest and have an average life expectancy. 

    While most autoimmune diseases are not fatal, some autoimmune diseases can be life-threatening, such as giant cell myocarditis, which can lead to heart failure. Along with medications, you must look after your lifestyle and eat nutritious foods. Small lifestyle changes can go a long way to minimizing your risk of developing or reducing the severity of autoimmune diseases.

    Autoimmune diseases cause the immune cells to attack their healthy cells mistakenly. These can affect multiple organs in the body, including the eyes. Thus, you should immediately visit the best eye hospital in Ludhiana to determine the real cause of the symptoms and get effective treatment on time.