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    What is the definition of Glaucoma?

    How should you get prepared for an initial consultation with the eye doctor?

    You should not be interfering with the schedule of seeing an ophthalmologist. We have encountered many cases in which people think that if there is nothing wrong with their vision, then they should not be visiting an eye hospital in Ludhiana for consultation. But according to the eye specialist, “ Eye exams are not only for those who are having problems with their vision.

    So the primary question which is asked by many people is how should they be choosing the doctor. If you are suffering from cataracts, then visiting an ophthalmologist will be the right choice. But if the issue is of glaucoma and diabetic eye health, then visiting either of the types of doctor will be beneficial. 

    How should you get prepared for the meeting with an ophthalmologist? 

    • First of all, you are required to take the glasses and the contact lenses to the meeting. 
    • Make a list of all the allergies and the problems which you are having since the doctor needs to know all this so that he can pursue it accordingly. 
    • A list of the questions which you want to ask the doctor about your eye health. 
    • If you have taken any medical insurance, then make sure to carry proofs along with you. 

    What should you be expecting from the visit? 

    Once you fill out forms that every new patient in the clinic is supposed to, then you will be allowed to visit the exam room to consult with the doctor. Following things can happen:

    • The doctor will ask some questions regarding the medical history. 
    • The doctor will check the vision (Both close and distant)
    • The doctor will check you for tonometry. 
    • The doctor will consider checking various parts of the eyes into account. 

    The other tests will help to take other problem in account like the following: 

    • High blood pressure 
    • Arthritis 
    • The initial consultation usually goes no longer than 2 to 3 hours.
    • Please take care of the following once your initial consultation is done 
    • You must be having a prescription for the eyeglasses if the doctor has devised you to change the current glasses.  
    • If the doctor has prescribed you any medication, then make sure you are asking for each detail on how the medicine should be used.

    How often should you consider visiting the doctor? 

    • You should be visiting the doctor regularly.  
    • If your age is less than 20 years, then visiting the doctor once a year will be good. But on the other hand, if your age is more than 20, then you can consider going to the doctor twice a month. 
    • Once you have stepped into the advanced maternal age then you should be visiting the doctor regularly and keep up with the regular follow up sessions. 

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