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    Difference Between Cataract Eye and Glaucoma

    Difference Between Cataract Eye and Glaucoma

    Cataract eye and glaucoma are eye disorders that impact the retina. It is a slow disorder that can cause vision loss. It has similar symptoms. If you are struggling with eye problems, it is paramount to visit an eye hospital for reliable treatment that helps to reduce the risk of vision loss. 

    In this video, we discuss the cataract eye and glaucoma through Dr Sumeet Chopra, a specialist in treating Retina and cornea-related issues. This video describes the difference between these two eye disorders.

    First, we discuss the cataract eye, how it happens, symptoms and treatment. In cataracts, our eye lens gets blurry, and glaucoma builds up the pressure inside the eye. Cataracts happen for various reasons, such as certain health conditions, steroid foods, pregnancy, and more. Its symptoms are like a patient struggling with blurry vision, double vision, poor night eyesight and another symptom is eye pain when cataracts change into Glaucoma. You watch the video till the end and learn about more cataracts and glaucoma. It is essential to take treatment on time, which helps to decrease the possibility of vision loss. 

    If you are struggling with severe pain due to cataracts or their impact on daily activities, then you need to get treatment. Chopra Nethralaya provides top-quality and advanced treatment for eye-related issues. If you have a problem with your eye, consult with our doctor.